Herb Cubes

I grow basil and mint on my window sill.  I would love to grow more herbs but space is limited and I don't have a garden.

Grocery store herbs are so expensive, especially when you are buying a whole batch for one recipe and half goes to waste.  Putting a damp paper towel in a sealed plastic bag with the herbs usually helps extend shelf life for a few days.  And dried herbs work for some recipes but the taste of fresh herbs is really unparalleled in most cases and I certainly prefer it most of the time.   I've been looking for ways to preserve my fresh herbs so I can continue to buy them without waste and I have found an answer.  Freeze them!

1. Chop up your fresh herbs (I had cilantro so I pulled the leaves off the stems and rough chopped the bunch)

2.Place a small bunch of herbs into each part of an ice cube tray so the bay is about 1/2-1/3 full

3. Fill each bay to the top with water

4. Put it in the freezer and freeze overnight
5. Pop the herb cubes out of the tray, throw them into a bag 

Defrost as many cubes as you need for each recipe.  The herbs come out bright green and still smelling delicious!

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