To making good habits and extinguishing bad habits

I have decided to being not only a diet and exercise plan, but a new life plan. Every time I have tried to throw myself into a diet and exercise plan I seem to fail after only a week or two. So I have decided to take my new plan a step at a time.

My roommate and I have decided every week that we will make small goals. Every sunday night we will come up with a small good habit that we would like to add to our repertoire for the week and a bad habit that we would like to extinguish.

Week one: Starting this sunday evening my good habit will be eating a fruit or vegetable with every meal. And my bad habit that I would like to get rid of is that I would like to not eat out so often. I am allowing myself two meals a week out of the house, this includes at work (if I am not bringing food).

Here is to the challenge of week one! On we go.

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  1. Yay! Here's to getting rid of bad habits. My habit to extinguish is to not drink soda at work (hoping to slowly make it to not drink soda at all) and my good habit is to make 3 real dinner meals a week.

    Next up - budget planning - eek!