A delicious BLD

What is a BLD you may ask? As ashamed as I am to say this is a term I got from none other than the annoying raspy voiced Rachael Ray. A BLD is a meal or dish that can be served as a breakfast, lunch or dinner. I happen to be an enormous fan of tasty sandwiches for any meal of the day and this combination is one of my favorites.

Place 1 piece of lunch meat (I chose some honey smoked turkey), on a thin slice of your favorite crusty bread (I used a sunflower/honey loaf). Thinly slice enough of your favorite cheese (brie happens to be mine) to cover the slice of lunch meat and place on top of the lunch meat. Put a second slice of bread on top of the other, making a sandwich and put a bit of butter on the outside of each piece. Place the sandwich in a pan on medium heat until the bread is browned and crispy and the cheese is melted. Before you serve the sandwich place 1-2 thin slices of an apple or pear in the sandwich and enjoy.

My suggestions are to serve with a small side salad or some fresh berries.


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