Young Fat and Fabulous

It takes courage to wear what you want and not care about what others think. I am often complimented on my ability to wear something that most people wouldn't wear and "pull it off" but truthfully you just have to be willing to try and be confident enough in yourself to know that when you feel good in something you look good.

I am most inspired by larger, fashionable women. Its easy for a 5'10 woman who weighs 100 lbs to throw anything on and look great but when you weigh more than the norm in a weight obsessed culture it really takes effort to show people that you're confident in yourself and that larger women can look great too.

Case in point, Youngfatandfabulous.com. I stumbled across this blog yesterday while looking at other fashion blogs and absolutely love it. Follow Gabi, a woman who is 5'5 and a size 18/20, on her crusade to show the world that big can be beautiful too. With features such as "outfit of the day" and "YFF: Girl of the Moment" who wouldn't enjoy this blog. Fat, Skinny or anything in between.


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