An intense undertaking

The two most challenging hurdles that I have encountered over the last few years are probably not foreign to any woman.

What do you think of when you hear the question "What is a goal you have made over and over for yourself and never accomplished?" I'm sure its the same for most everyone. 99% chance that the answer is gonna be lose weight or stick to a budget and save money.

In an effort to accomplish both I have decided to be ambitious and combine the two. I have a myriad of clothes, that I have actually packed away in to two large bins in my garage, that I couldn't bear to part with but don't fit me anymore.

I would like to lose enough weight to fit into these clothes once again and will not shop, besides a few key items that I am in need of for fall, until I lose 15 pounds.

The items that I will allow myself to buy is a nice pair of flat boots and a new down winter coat.

Wish me, my bank account and my scale good luck! Updates to come.

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