Waste not, Want not

According to the New York Times Americans waste approximately 96.4 billion pounds of edible food per year.  I am not innocent.  I often find myself tossing fruits or vegetable because they have passed their prime, or throwing things away or feeding them to my dog just to make room in the cabinet for new purchases.

My cabinets and fridge are stuffed to the brim yet I find myself running the grocery store once or twice a week to buy more!  Well, i've become inspired to attempt a week of what I'm calling "Waste not, Want not".  I am leaving to go out of town on Saturday so I know I shouldn't be buying more food, I should be using what I have.  I have decided until I leave I will use only the products I already have to make meals until I leave.  I am also going to attempt to use food that appears past its prime in creative ways, for example, old strawberries will be turning into homemade jam or topping.

I am laying out a couple rules however.
1) I will not be eating anything that might make me sick.  Aka dairy products found past their prime will not be used in creative ways.
2) If somebody offers to take me out for food I will go but I will not be eating out or purchasing food on my own.
3) I am allowing myself to purchase coffee beverages because I am working nights this week and am almost out of coffee.

What I've done with this challenge so far is as follows
Breakfast: Toast, bacon, and asparagus topped with a soft boiled egg.

Spinach and Mozzarella spirals and Savory Chicken Puff Pastry Bites
Recipe to come.

I know this challenge will get more difficult as I use all my fresh foods up and have to resort to scouring the cabinets but I think it will be worth it.  Wish me luck!

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  1. i think this is a great idea and i may join you in it! if you get really desperate, you can always search my things ;)