Day 3 Waste Not, Want Not

Yesterdays meals were quite lackluster.  I did however make breakfast and lunch from things that were already in my kitchen.  I was treated to a fabulous Greek dinner in crystal city.

For lunch I did make a tasty brie, ham and basil sandwich (which you already know is my favorite sandwich ever).
The melty brie was so good I couldn't resist taking a bite before I even took the picture.

Todays meals were all made this morning since I am going to work from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.
My lunch and snacks is laid out is as follows....
100 calorie pack pringles
Chobani pineapple yogurt (so rich and creamy it tastes like dessert)
Marinated carrots
Rigatoni with tilapia cooked in a white wine/caper/garlic sauce
Cucumber slices and french onion dip
Ice tea

Breakfast was....

Soft boiled egg (the last egg I had :( Which means no more eggs for this challenge)
A thin slice of pan cooked honey ham over a bed of mixed greens
I also had a half cup of non fat greek yogurt with some mashed strawberries and some kashi go lean crunch sprinkled on top

I'm starting to run out of fresh veggies and the things that I really love to eat.  I have a feeling tomorrow and Fridays "Waste Not, Want Not" are going to be tough but i'm going strong.

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