An average day of dining

I don't document my everyday meals because to me they don't seem like anything special.  I don't remember that what I eat isn't what most people eat everyday until my roommate tells me "everything you make is gourmet".  I often forget that many people don't love to cook as much as I do and many people don't find cooking as easy as I do.  I thought i'd document a usual day of food every once in a while to show people how I usually eat.

Here is what I made to take to work today...

Breakfast- 1 egg scrambled on fresh whole wheat bread with reduced fat cheddar cheese and turkey bacon

Lunch- left over ceviche and watermelon

Snacks- Reduced fat peanut butter and celery, chobani 2% pineapple yogurt

Dinner- Steak and mushrooms over spinach salad

Eddie Bean enjoying his breakfast


  1. Becky27.5.11

    Reduced fat cheddar cheese sounds gross. Everything else sounds delicious.

  2. reduced fat cheddar is actually not half bad :)