Sunday Summer Barbecue

Theres nothing I enjoy more than a Sunday barbecue during the Summer.  My parents have a killer deck and back yard so when the mood strikes I enjoy gathering old and new friends to grill out and chill out. 

Yesterday's Summer BBQ was a total success.  We made some tasty grill bits, iced some beers, and pulled out the folding table for games.   Overall it was a great day filled with great friends.

(Playing barbecue games and taking pictures)

(Eddie hanging around trying to get someone to drop a burger for him)

(Michelle, from That's So Michelle's, Amaretto Soaked Grapes! Such a delicious idea! Picture courtesy of Michelle)

(Summer Bean Salad)

(Asian Brocolli Slaw, Recipe to come) 

(Leave it up to my highschool guy friends to create a Krispy Kreme Burger. Photo courtesy of Michelle)

(Jon Liked it)

(Sun thought it was delicious. Note they shared one burger between three people due to fat content)

(Grilling up some tofu made by Sun. I've been begging him for the recipe.
Delicious Apricot Ale. Random beer store pick, totally worth it
Pong game. Photos courtesy of Michelle)

(Eddie in Michelle's fedora. He kept it on just long enough to snap a pic)

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  1. oh man, i want to eat that tofu again so bbbaaaadddd!