Our last day in Bangkok....again. Murphy's law

This morning we woke up at 3:30 a.m. (after getting to bed at 11:30) to give ourselves enough time to get to the airport at 5:00 a.m. for our 6:50 flight to Hanoi.  We have been enjoying our time in Thailand immensely and although I will be coming back after we go to Vietnam (and again after I visit Cambodia) Allison had to say goodbye to the sweltering city that has been our home for a week now. 

We arrived at the airport bags packed and ready to go and once we finally got to the front of the check in line found out that Allison had accidentally put the wrong date of our arrival on her visa and she would not be allowed into the country until tomorrow....which is the day that she has initially thought we were going.  We begged them and asked if there was anyway she could buy a visa on entry or they could make an exception but unfortunately they said they could not.  So we were forced to pay to change our flight to tomorrow morning so Allison can actually board the plane. 

Allison volunteered to pay to change our tickets since it was her mistake but her credit card wouldn't go through, nor would her bank card so I ended up paying and she said she would pay me back.  Then we returned to our hotel and went back to our room (which they luckily had not given away yet).  We decided since we were now here on a weekend that we would spend the day at the chatuchak weekend market and make a shopping day of it (because everyone knows how much I love to shop).  Allison would pay me back when we found a bank where she could take money out of her account.  Unbeknownst to us all of the banks in Bangkok are closed Saturday and Sunday.   With Allison feeling defeated and upset and me trying not to cross that bridge I took more money out of my bank account to use for the day.  Fortunately Allison had another $100 that she had not exchanged yet and found 1000 baht ($33) in her purse that she didnt know she had so we were able to make it through the market just fine.  Nothing like a bit of retail therapy to cheer you up. 

Chatuchak market was truly magnificent.  Things you could never even imagine were being sold in the little stall just around the next corner.  Goods from fruit we had never heard of to baby bunnies in dresses could be bought for a bargain price.  We picked up souveniers for friends and family while oogling hand made silver pieces and jewelry that we might or might not have purchased for ourselves.  Every vendor had a set price for their handicrafts but "I give you discount".  It's a bit akward to bargain as it is just not something we do at home in the United States but in Thailand bartering is expected.  The vendors give a ridiculously high price (by Thai standards) when you first ask and you ask for 1/2 to 2/3 of that price.  Then they act shocked and tell you there is no way they can possibly sell it to you for such a low fee.  They come down in price by 20 or 30 baht, you go up and you meet somewhere in the middle for a price that "make you happy, make me happy". 

 Gorgeous bronze and silver jewelry that I just could not pass up
 Delicious food.  I love pictures of food.  They are my favorite.
 Dinner :)
Looking at leather slippers
 Deep Fried bugs.  We couldn't bring ourselves to try them.  They look way more intense in person. 
 A little girl recieving a treat from a vendor
 Fried whole shrimp and crabs. These we did try.  You eat the shell, heads and all.  Yum.
 Allison with a life size transformer made out of car parts.  These were all over Chatuchak.  Picture for Stephen.
 Spices.  Can you even imagine the delicious smells Michelle?
 Dried fish, not sure what kind.
 This is for you Ari. Our harem pants have been purchased and worn.

 Yes those are baby bunnies in clothing.
 Dried fish and fruit.
Cruising the street bazaar

Every time you need to take a taxi somewhere in Bangkok they tell you it will take 1 hour and cost either 290 or 300 baht even though it usually takes around a 1/2 hour and costs 200 or 250.  The traffic can be pretty terrible and as you sit in your taxi or tuktuk for 20 extra minutes motorcycles with men, women sitting side saddle, babies sitting in the middle and a dog on the front with its front paws up on the handle bars weave in and out of traffic around you. 

Sad to be leaving this place tomorrow, again, but happy to experience Vietnam.  Signing off for now.  Happy to be on our way to thai massage number two.


  1. JEALOUSSSS! love the harem pants, girlfriend, Rock them OUT! i have the same pair in turquoise that i got at a market in rome. mine even have an easy access whole in the crotch? Do yours?!

  2. ours do not, unfortunately :(