Funny facts about our travels in South East Asia

1.  Many people wear face masks because of all the smoke and debris that they are exposed to with a lifetime of living in the cities.  In Hanoi everyone has their own pretty printed masks that they wear.  The hello kitty masks are my fav but the flower prints and plaids come in close second. 

2.  Everyone rides motorcycles and vespas.  Women in skirt suits, old men, children and babies, dogs with sunglasses and sneakers on (seriously, we really did see that)

3. Hanoi is a symphony of funny sounding horns.  All the buses and vans have different horns that resemble clown car sounds.  I have yet to hear two that sound the same.  But they all share the same decible level....loud.

4. Canadian tuxedos are totally in here.  Even, acid washed canadian tuxedos (for those of you who don't know what a canadian tuxedo is shame on you).

5. All the toilets have buckets of water with bowls next to them.  I have yet to figure out what they are for, I think they are to wash the floor?

6. Another fun fact about toilets...all the toilets in Hanoi and many of the public restrooms in Bangkok have squatting toilets.  A porcelain bowl built into a slightly raised tile platform.  I had yet to figure out how to use them until today thanks to the bathrooms at Dong Xuong market which only had urinal stalls with no doors.  Thank you vietnamese women who I watched akwardly.  I appreciate your direction.

More fun facts to come, stay tuned

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