Halloween Queen

This year I decided I had to start thinking about my costume early so I could some up with something that would be really fun and creative and actually have the time to put it together.

I settled on a whimsical jellyfish.  It involved quite a bit of bubble wrap and hot gluing.  But it came together perfectly.  I was even entered into the costume contest at the clarendon ballroom.  All in all the costume was quite a hit.  I would give a DIY step by step but it was far too complicated.

Before going out

Marisa, Allison and myself (Arabian princess, fembot, and jellyfish)

So excited for Halloween!

 These ladies were dressed as kangaroos, adorable.

Friends dressed as teletubbies, one of whom lost their head the night prior

Very creative.  All these guys were flowers and they had one bee to pollenate them.


  1. That costume is beyond awesome!
    Have a great week!

  2. Thanks Hilary! How was your halloween?!