Another successful swap

Twice a year I throw a clothes swap for my girlfriends.  It used to be an annual event but since everyone seems to enjoy it so much it has turned into a biannual party.

The ladies gather with all the clothes, shoes, and accessories that they found in the back of their closet and don't wear anymore and we lay it all out and swap!  Everyone gets to go through their girlfriends clothes and pick what they want to take home.  Because one woman's trash is another woman's treasure.

At the end of the day we bag up all the items that didn't find a new home and they are donated to multiple homeless shelters in the area.  It's a really fabulous event because its fun and a great excuse to get the ladies together, and in the end we are all doing a good deed.

What I wore to the swap this year:

I chose an outfit that is something I would wear thrifting.  I wore a white tank top under a tunic with leggings and flip flops.  This way if I wanted to try on a dress or sweater I could slip off my tunic and try it on over my tank top and I could easily try on skirts over my leggings.

[Leggings and tunic- Forever 21, Sandals- Old Navy]

Pictures from this years swap:

Allison modeling some old clothes up for swap

Ericka's Peanut Butter Cupcakes

Allison's Capuccino Chocolate Muffins

Shoe's for swap

Ari in fluorescent!

Michelle's Delicious radish and creme fresh bites

Sorting through jewelry for swap

The ladies piling on the left over clothes for a picture

Almond Praline Candy (See Pistachio Praline Candy Recipe here)

Dresses for swap

See photos from the last swap here.


  1. Do you have a recipe for Ericka's Peanut Butter Cupcakes?

  2. Hi Kingrpg. You can find Ericka's recipe on her blog here.....


  3. I want you to know my entire outfit today is swapped ;) Your BCBG Pink/Salmon/Cream (whatever color they are...) heels and Ari's black/white patterend dress from this most recent swap!