Layla and Eddie

The other day I spent the evening with a lovely little girl named Layla.  My coworker and friend Anna was in need of a babysitter and I was more than happy to help her out since her daughter is such a sweet well mannered child.  Eddie and I went over to their house where we all ate dinner and then walked into Clarendon for some frozen yogurt.  It was quite the evening and the pictures of Layla and Eddie were too cute to not share.

Layla's Fro Yo Creation- I believe it had fruity pebbles, gummy bears, mochi, and a couple other candies.  She called it a "parade"

My Fro Yo was more simple.  Chocolate chips, almonds and pineapple

Best friends

Layla tucking Eddie in for bed

Layla reading Eddie a bedtime story

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