Alone on the road

Allison left for the airport last night which means I'm on my own for the next week and a half until I go home.  The thought was daunting at first but I've already come to realize how many lone travelers there are here in South East Asia.

I woke up early this morning to take a van to the floating market just outside of Bangkok.  I met two girls, each of whom were traveling by themselves by the time we had arrived at the market.  The first was a girl named Valerie who had just arrived in Bangkok two nights ago from the bay area.  She was quite interesting.  There was a lot of talk of full moons and the weather being from the earth axis and moon patterns....Yeah.  Haha.  None the less Valerie was very nice and we boated together around the floating market.  Most of what was for sale was tourist goods that I have seen 10 times over around Bangkok but they did have quite a bit of tasty looking food.

My mother has informed me that I take a lot of pictures of food.  To that I say why not?!  The food in South East Asia is colorful and tasty.  It makes for great photos and inspiration for cooking projects when I get home.  So to my dear mommy.....here are more pictures of food I have taken in Thailand and Vietnam.

Salmon in red curry
meat for saleeeee
 and more meat, oooo and note the brains
 They sell all kinds of delicious food on the street in vietnam
 Hanoi beer, delish!
 Five taste chicken
Fruit for sale at the floating market
Delicious crepe with veggies
noodles with beef

And pictures of the floating market.

And...for Allison when you see this.  I finally met a baby elephant!  He was four and its a good thing I had a strong hold on my camera when I approached him because he attempted to take it out of my hand with his trunk and pull it towards his mouth.  Apparently he was hungry.


  1. yay baby elephant!!

    "save the camera!! just let me die, but safe my cameraaaaa!"